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Premium Opaline, excellent formation and smoothness. Two tones of white, smooth and embossed.
Its excellent opacity allows the printing in both sides.
Apt for all type of printing.
Applications: leaflets, cards, calendars, folders, separators, covers, menus, etc.
Counseling, service and support.

Concern for the environment is one of our major priorities:
- We use only Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) pulps.
- Pulp is sourced only from commercially managed forests.
- All mills are accredited with the International Environmental Management Standard.
- Investment in reduced water used and effuent volume processes. All effluent plant residue is put to product re-use thus eliminating the need for landfill disposal.



As it is known, it is convenient to avoid overload of ink, and to use the possible minimum quantity of water and to take into account the grain direction.
As they are non-coated papers, they have greater absorption and dot gain, thus the inks present a more opaque effect that the stucco or illustration papers.
Papers of intense color: it is convenient to make a white passing, when it is required to avoid changes in the printed color.
Pre-printing reticules of 133 lines to 150 lines.
Medium dark tones UCR techniques can be resorted to.
Use comprehensible blanket
In the case of textured papers, the pressure between the blanket and the cylinder must be increased.
Anti-restoration powder in case more than one passing is made, powder non-soluble in water must be used.
In textured papers, the adequate granulometry should be taken into account.
Inks Inks of quick dry through oxidation must be used. Inks of UV curing can be used.
Varnishing Previous sealing must be done or otherwise it can be necessary to make two applications. Previous tests are recommended to perform.
Solid Printing in case of two passings are made, in the first one it is recommended to use 40% of ink in order to avoid paste.
Antioxidants its use should be avoided
pH of source water it should be kept in a minimum of 5.3