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Non coated fine paper of printing and writing, ideal for massive uses. Pastel colors, three different grammages and envelopes accompanying the line. In its different terminations: smooth, vergé, screened and recycled, with localized watermark. It is especially guaranteed for laser printers and ink jet.
It is manufactured under rules ISO 9002, with virgin fibers of planted trees, elementary chlorine-free. High quality of smoothness and sizing.
The size of its envelopes is ideal for the automatic envelope procedure.
It is presented in different formats, sheets, quires and coils, with the possibility of special formats and packing upon request, in large consumption.
Applications: mailings, dispatch note, invoices, forms, communications, stationery, financial reports and balancesheet, account statements, cards, folders, etc.
Its local manufacturing is a guaranty of availability and continuity.
Counseling, service and support.

Concern for the environment is one of our major priorities:
- We use only Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) pulps.
- Pulp is sourced only from commercially managed forests.
- All mills are accredited with the International Environmental Management Standard.
- Investment in reduced water used and effuent volume processes. All effluent plant residue is put to product re-use thus eliminating the need for landfill disposal.




Ledger® is apt for all kind of printing: Offset, cytochromy, serigraphy, typography, dried mold, stamping.
It is advisable to use the inks of quick dry process (with or without dry process through infrared). UV inks are admitted.
It is possible to use 133 to 150 lines, depending on the image to print.
It is recommended the previous marking for grammages higher than 150 g and for optimum results, the predominant folding should be parallel to the grain direction.
All the Ledger® papers are guaranteed for pre-printing and its further use in all the printers of office, laser and inkjet, when they are stored and handled correctly.