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Witcel Metal Color

The brightness of the metal blends with the iridescent reflections, creating a new paper dimension.
Innovative, technological, creative, avant-garde, provocative, sophisticated, mysterious; Witcel Metal Color, papers with surface of light-changing color, that allows to create differentiated printed communications.
This line uses state-of-the-art technology in paper manufacturing to create brightness and luminosity on both sides of the paper thus achieving impressive results of depth and dynamism, as well as character and innovative style.

Applications: annual reports, catalogues, covers, invitations, packaging, menus, cards and envelopes.


Concern for the environment is one of our major priorities:
- We use only Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) pulps.
- Pulp is sourced only from commercially managed forests.
- All mills are accredited with the International Environmental Management Standard.
- Investment in reduced water used and effuent volume processes. All effluent plant residue is put to product re-use thus eliminating the need for landfill disposal.



Printing and finishing guidelines
Due to the optical effect of these papers, the printed result will differ from other papers.
Print techniques: Witcel Metal Color papers are suitable for widely used print techniques, such as: offset, letterpress, embossing, hot stamping, blind embossing and silkscreen. A pre-test is recommended for thermography.
Important: The characteristic metallic effect of these papers will show through the printing and may reduce the image contrast. As a result, the dark areas can be difficult to achieve. This is not a paper defect, but one of its characteristics. It is normal for some particles of the paper's special surface to transfer to the blanket. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the blankets after 3,000/4,000 impressions.
Inks: We recommend using fully oxidising inks. Semi-fresh inks can be used. Consult your ink supplier for specific colors or formulations. Witcel Metal Color do not contain ground metals and are not foil papers.
Screen ruling: For best results, screen rulings of 150 lpi are recommended. Under colour removal (UCR) may be required on jobs with large dark areas.
UV varnishes: Silkscreen UV varnishing is the only method to achieve a good gloss finish on this absorbent paper. Ensure sheet is pre-sealed with acrylic sealer. A matt UV varnish must be laid down prior to gloss UV varnishing. Repeat varnishings may be required. We do not recommend other machine varnish applications. UV varnish is not recommended for further laser printing.
Sealing/fixing varnishes: Sealers can be used to avoid marking during further processing and handling, although the paper's metallic nature will be compromised. Sealing is not recommended for further laser printing.
Laminating: The paper accepts laminates easily, although some "silvering" may occur. Increase laminating pressure and apply excess adhesive to help reduce silvering. Laminates will reduce or negate the metallic effect.
Folding and creasing: To guarantee good folding results, prior creasing is recommended for paper weights over 120g. Creases should be made parallel to the grain direction. A creasing rule and matrix system should also be used. Always fold towards the opposite side of the creasing.
Binding and glueing: The use of hot melt or acrylic adhesives is recommended. When using spiral binding, be sure that the blades are sharp. Hole punchers work better. Witcel Metal Color can be sewn through the center, partially or completely.