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The vegetable parchment paper is a very versatile product. Its properties, such as the adaptability for the contact with the meal, resistance to the grease, resistance to fungi, barriers of ultraviolet rays and resistance to low and high temperatures, make the vegetal parchment paper be a material with different possible applications.
The principle of parchment process is based on the solubility of cellulose in concentrated sulfuric acid. The base paper is immersed in acid, which produces a partial hydrolysis of the cellulose and the gelification of the surface of the fibers. The fibers are joined and in this way they close the papers pores. The process of dissolution of the cellulose is suspended by a series of washing bath; then the paper is rinsed completely. All the acid used is recovered and recycled continuously.  



of parchment paper

• Suitable for contact with the meal.
• Resistance to the grease.
• Resistance to the hot.
• Resistance to the moisture.
• Odor-Free.
• Appropriate to be molded.
• Transparent for the electromagnetic radiation,
• Virtual neutral pH.
• Durable.
• Dirtiness-Free.

Application in meals area

Resistant to fungi, grease and moisture. The vegetable parchment paper is used extensively for the industries of meal and catering. Witcel offers a complete variety of parchment papers that meet the strictest requirements for the use in meal and besides another great variety of applications.
The vegetable parchment is used as packing of butter, as bake paper, and also for the protection of meals and for freezer. It can be used in traditional ovens as well as in microwave ovens due to its resistance to high temperatures.
Being resistant to the grease, its porosity is low. Having a strong internal cohesion, it does not allow that its fibers spread away. When it is dampened, it is soft as the fabric. It is easy to shape and it is suitable for the packing. For this reason, it is ideal for its use in automated packaging.
Its two surfaces are very regular and can be used with identical results.

Industrial Applications

The parchment paper is widely used in the industry. Its internal cohesion, its resistance to the grease and to the bleeding of the color makes that the parchment be an ideal paper for covering of textile tubes used for spinning.
Additionally, it is used in the manufacture of laminates and as product for molding


• Transparent or opaque
• Textured
• Watermark
• Good Printing and properties of varnishing
• Low porosity
• Closed Surface


to the environment

The vegetable parchment paper is based on pure cellulose, which comes from renewable forests. The acid used is recovered and recycled.
Vegetable Parchment Paper (PERCEL)
Range of Grammages: Standard 50-53-60-90 gr.
Opaque 50.53-60-90 gr.
Fine cardboard 160-180 gr.
Width of the coil: Minimum 30 cm
Maximum 190 cm (75”)
Standard Diameter of the coil: 70 CM (3” core)