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The Auto-cheque® paper of Witcel is a Top Security Paper.
Nowadays the business requires a special care with respect to fraud, since the advances in the printing and reproduction of documents together with the multiplication of value documents make the fraud somewhat critical.
The integrity of the documents on paper is an essential part of the security system of the whole business.  


basic / main

• Auto-cheque® owns more reactions against a great variety of chemical substances, modifiers of the paper than any other paper of the market and it is being improved day by day.
• We produce papers with watermarks. This is the most effective way in order to verify photocopied or scanned material.
• We have clear, dark and multitonal watermarks.
• The Autocheque® paper is fluorescence-free. It can be combined fibers with invisible pigments together with visible fibers of different colors upon requirement.
We also offer “High Tonner Adhesion" in order to avoid the lifting of the variable information printing through laser.
Manufactured with bleached chemical pulps, carefully selected so as to eliminate any magnetic or magnetizable particle. Sensitiveness within the body of the paper to provide indelible reactions, in case of chemical adulteration from organic origin (pen ink) or from inorganic origin (acids, alkali, oxidant agents to eliminate stylographic inks).
The paper with watermark, consequently from identifiable origin (controlled distribution), allows to easily check the authenticity of the paper in each document. The surface softly sized allows that the fibers loosen themselves before possible ink erasures.
Optimum performance in magnetic reader-classifier of high speed.
It fulfills with the specifications of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic and with most American countries.



Special and exclusive watermarks upon customer’s requirement. Incorporation of visible and invisible fibers of security (visible under ultraviolet light).
The previous specifications are general. The individual requirements can be discussed with us.